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Certified Diamonds

When shopping for loose diamonds it is extremely important that you buy a certified diamond that has been independently certified. Diamond grading laboratories such as GIA, HRD, AGS & DCLA are all internationally recognised and independent. You can compare one certified diamond with a particular weight and quality with other certified diamonds of similar weight and quality to determine which certified loose diamond has the better value.

Before you buy a loose diamond for an engagement ring, you should expect to review the diamond certificate, as this is your guarantee of the quality and specifications of the diamond. A diamond certificate documents the diamond's quality, colour, clarity, cut & the diamond's carat weight. A certified diamond is a diamond that has been tested, examined and graded by a team of fully trained gemologists who then issue a Diamond certificate for that diamond.

Diamond certificates allow you to make an informed choice and help you select best quality diamond when buying a loose diamond for an engagement ring.

Diamond Tweezers
A diamond certificate is a blueprint of a loose diamond that has been certified.

Loose Certified Diamonds

The true test to evaluate a diamond is to view it in person and compare it with other diamonds. Nothing beats seeing a diamond in person to determine whether it is a 'good' diamond visually. Diamond appreciation is a very personal thing and people appreciate the qualities of diamonds differently. You cannot gauge the look of a diamond by just reading the statistics, specifications and measurements on a diamond certificate, you have to view the diamond personally. It is only then that you will be able to see if the diamond possessess brilliance, fire, scintillation and perfect optical symmetry. The price of the diamond means nothing if the diamond does not look good visually.

Visual Diamond Comparisons

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